Kalaha is the name of a new Danish group that embraces jazz, afrobeat and electronic music. 

The 4 group members have all made a positive impression on the international music scene: 

Emil De Waal appears on drums, sample pad, percussion and effects.  He recently won a Danish Music Award for Danish Jazz Album of the year and has appeared on numerous albums and tours alongside Erik Sanko (US), Kato Hideki (US/JAP), Xiao He (Chi), Wayne Horvitz (US) & Gustaf Ljunggren (Sweden).

Niclas Knudsen appears on guitars.  With his strong surf, ska & afrobeat inspiration, Niclas is the natural link between jazz and rock, not only with his trio Ibrahim Electric but also in his collaborations with major artists such as Adam Nussbaum, John Tchicai, Dave Liebman, Billy Preston and Tom Jones.... 

Spejderrobot  appears on various electronic devices.  Spejderrobot is one of the most promising Danish producers today and since his acclaimed debut he has also grown into one of Denmark's most active electronic live performers with more than 100 shows in Denmark, China and many other places. 

Rumpistol appears on synthesizers and effects.  He has been producing genrecrossing melodic electronic music since 2003, resulting in lots of releases and remixes. He has performed music at festivals and venues all over the world and appeared in various improvised setups and constellations with artists and orchestras.

After one improvised show at STRØM festival in 2013 the Kalaha quartet was formed. 

Their repertoire is hot and spicy and can induce both acute dance tendencies as well as food for thought.