Niclas Knudsen Curriculum Vitae: Born January 30, 1972

Niclas Knudsen – guitarplayer and composer

Since his return from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1992, Niclas Knudsen has been playing various styles of music.

He has recorded CDs with great jazz players, among others David Liebman (member of the Miles Davis Group in the seventies), Ray Anderson, John Tchicai and Adam Nussbaum (former member of John Scofield ́s group).

He received a Danish Grammy in 1999 for his playing on the Danish Sax player Hans Ulrik ́s CD “Jazz And Mambo” and won the first price at the Gexto Jazz competition with the group “Science Fiction Quartet” in 1996 and again with the group “Out To Lunch” in 1999.

In 1998 he received the Roland Musical Award for being an outstanding young musician, and his two solo-CD ́s “Human Beat Boxer” and “Human Beat Boxer – Second Stroke” gained a lot of positive attention from the critics.

Furthermore he arranged and co-produced the Danish rock-group Vildnis’ debut CD and played on the Danish troubadour Rasmus Nøhr ́s second CD-release.

He has recorded two cd ́s and toured all over Scandinavia with bass-virtouso Matt Garrison.

In 2003 he formed the world-known band “Ibrahim Electric”, together with drummer Stefan Pasborg and Organ-player Jeppe Tuxen. This band his been one of the greatest succeses in Danish jazzhistory and the band has of this date played over 500 koncerts all over the world.


Niclas has been working as a teacher ever since he started out his career as professional musician.

He has been teaching at all the conservatories in Denmark, has participated in many master classes and is part of the teaching staff every year at the Støvring Music Week,

with among others Joakim Milder and Josefine Cronholm.

He is also part of the teaching staff at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense.

Prices and awards

1993: 2nd. price at "Leverkusener Jazztages International Jazz competition" with the group "When Granny Sleeps".

1995: 1st. price at "Gexto International Jazz competition" in Spain with the group "Science Fiction Quartet".

1998: 1st. price at Gexto International Jazz competition in Spain with the group "Out to Lunch".

1998: Roland Music Award for outstanding musical talents.

1999: Grant from "Statens Kunstfond" (the Danish state’s art-foundation).

1999: Danish Jazz-Grammy 1999 for Hans Ulrik Sekstet "Jazz and Mambo".


1996: Toured with the group Ok nok Congo and John Tchicai in Denmark.

1996: Toured with the group When Granny Sleeps and trombonist Ray Anderson in Denmark and Sweden, arranged by Copenhagen Cultural City 1996.

1997: Toured with the group Ok nok Congo in Denmark, Norway and France.

1997: Toured with Adam Nussbaum in Denmark.

1998: Was part of the performance "Inuit Barok Shock", that performed in Denmark and Greenland.

1999: Toured with Adam Nussbaum and Roman Filiu Oreily (now playing with the legendary Cuban band "Irakere") in Denmark and Norway.

1999: Toured with the group Anders Mogensen External Experience in Syria.

1999: Toured with the group When Granny Sleeps in New York, as part of the "Danish

Wave", a promotion of Danish culture in New York.

2000: Toured with the group When Granny Sleeps in New York, for the second time. 2003 – 2011: Toured with Ibrahim Electric all over the world